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“People over Profits”

How wonderful it is when you can connect with people who share your purpose and your vision. One of the challenges I encounter when trying to share the topic and reason for As Prescribed with the non-benzo-afflicted is finding people who can wrap their heads around this strange iatrogenic illness without having experienced this special hell themselves. I think that most who have been through the benzo nightmare want desperately to get the word out about the risk benzodiazepines pose and to warn others away from potential harm. The shared lament is: “I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, not even on my worst enemy.” But let’s forget about enemies, and talk about new friends.

I recently met with Aaron Toleos and Judith Garber at the Lown Institute/Right Care Alliance in Boston. It was particularly encouraging to meet with two advocates for justice in the healthcare system who were open to hearing about benzodiazepine syndrome and As Prescribed. We discovered that we all share the broader purpose of righting wrongs in our current healthcare system, and as Aaron stated, putting “people over profits.”

They are now in the process of organizing Right Care Action Week. I hope that people across the country join in and participate to make it a huge success.

Judith was even so kind as to write a blog post about As Prescribed that’s linked here. Please check it out.